About Pixieland Pre-Primary

About Pixieland

Our school is committed to providing a happy, loving and positive learning environment which recognises the uniqueness of all children and enables them to realise their full potential, thereby producing well-adjusted, confident children. Pixieland Pre-Primary is an independent school, registered …

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Daily Programme

Our school is a very happy one offering opportunity for play.

Creative activities

Every day children enjoy different creative art activities and create their own masterpieces. Baking is a another favourite activity which is done on a Friday.

Pixieland Pre-Primary School in Knysna

Ring time

Children enjoy singing songs, action rhymes, movement to music, dramatisation of stories and learning musical concepts through playing of musical instruments.

Pixieland Pre-Primary School in Knysna

Free play

Children spend time on the outdoor equipment where they develop coordination, muscular strength, balance, agility and control as they run, jump, climb and swing.


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Our Teachers

Providing a happy, loving and positive learning environment.

Sharon Renou
Our Principal

Sharon Renou (Elephants)

Our Staff

Teacher Tessa (Rhinos)

Our Staff

Teacher Lolo (Lions)