Pixieland Pre-Primary School in Knysna

Benefits of Pre-Primary

We endeavour to prepare your child physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually to cope effectively with the demands of formal schooling.


A child needs the stamina and gross and fine motor coordination to cope with the demands of a tiring day. Healthy food, plenty of sleep, lots of water and time for play are important for your child to function properly.


A child need to be sufficiently independent, responsible, confident and flexible to handle the ups and downs of the school day where parents may not be on hand to assist him. Children can be spared undue unhappiness or potential future problems if they are given the opportunity to experience such feelings as:

  • Separation from parents – the child should be confident that when parents leave him/her, they will be back when they say they will (or will find a way of informing their child if they are going to be late).
  • Confidence – the child should be encouraged to try new tasks and to persevere. Any attempts should be praised.
  • Responsibility – the child should start to care for his/her own things and learn to respect other people’s property.
  • Persistence – most new tasks need to be practised often before success is achieved.
  • Self-control – acceptable, appropriate ways need to be encouraged to express feelings of fear, disappointment, frustration and anger other than crying, tantrums and whining.
  • Sense of security – the child must be confident that he/she is loved and that there is a level of constancy at home.
  • Communication – children need to learn to express their needs, fears and emotions verbally, e.g. “Mom, I feel sad.”, “Teacher can you help me?” In this way children learn to give their needs a name and the adult can understand and assist a.s.a.p.


A child should have the skills to cope positively with peer interaction and school expectations. At school they are expected to:

  • Listen to others
  • Do what is asked
  • Make needs and requests known
  • Share with others
  • Take turns
  • Cooperate


We follow the CAPS Curriculum and are being trained on the ELIT programme. The staff endeavour to prepare your child to cope with all aspects of cognitive learning and progress at his/her pace along with peers. We strive to detect learning problems and remediate them timeously. A pre-school programme is specifically designed to provide for these needs.